Technology and Digital Services (TDS) staff have been preparing some changes to Atlassian applications.  

Support for Atlassian server products has reached end-of-life, and as a result, UNE’s Atlassian products are being migrated to the cloud in two phases. 

Single Sign On 

All Atlassian applications (Jira, Confluence Wiki, etc.) will be moved into a centrally managed enterprise account, and will incorporate the use of the UNE’s Single Sign On (SSO). This means that, after the change has completed, you will be required to authenticate with the federated login using your UNE username and password to access Jira, as well as any other Atlassian-hosted items, such as the Tribal Callista wiki. All Atlassian accounts created with a UNE email address will be affected. 

Changes at 5pm, Wednesday 6 March 2024 

After close of business, currently non-SSO Atlassian services will be migrated to use the UNE SSO, and as a result, will be protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). As part of this change, the URL of UNE’s Jira site will be updated from to For your convenience, the current address will be redirected to the new address.   

Changes at 5pm, Wednesday 13 March 2024 

As the Confluence Wiki is currently hosted on-site, the Wiki will be migrated to Confluence Cloud. You already need to login to the Wiki with your UNE username and password, but from 14 March, the login screen will change from directly in the Wiki to UNE’s Federated Login with MFA. During this change, the URL of the Wiki will be updated to With this change, any existing external links to specific sites or pages in the Wiki will break and will need to be re-mapped. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Support by raising a request in the IT Service Portal.