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Student Consultative Committee (SCC)

The Student Consultative Committee (SCC) is the new hub for student engagement and partnership with the University of New England, re-designing how the student voice is engaged in decision making processes.

The function of the new model is that students and staff will work collaboratively to better the University, rather than the institution relying on consultation processes to inform decision making. As a current student, your input is vital in decisions affecting you.

That’s where we come in. The SCC consists of a board of elected 15 student representatives and supporting staff representatives, all dedicated to amplifying your voice at all levels of decision making. We want to foster a University-wide culture of respect, inclusion, and diversity to reflect the vast student body we serve.

Making a change begins with you.

The Importance of Student Representation


Student representatives provide the first point of contact for the group or faculty of students that they are representing.


Most importantly, student representatives are the ears and voices of all UNE students. They provide an important link between students, academic and professional staff.


As changes are proposed or taking place, student representatives are an important point of consultation. This means representatives provide informed feedback regarding different operations of the University, from teaching and learning to services provided.