2023 On-Line Forum

  Indigenous Commerce, Culture and Law in the Asia-Pacific

This Forum seeks to investigate the complexities of undertaking business and economic development for Indigenous Peoples. These economic self-determinative activities are an increasingly important aspect of Indigenous governance, as the sustainable creation of wealth and jobs for indigenous communities and youth is one of the challenges that indigenous peoples struggle to protect their culture.

Session Dates

1)    Being Indigenous and Being in Business [May 17 Weds [11:00 am Taipei time, 12:00 pm Tokyo/1:00 pm Sydney time]. In North America (NA): May 16 [8:00 pm Los Angeles, 10:00 pm Madison Time North America – 

This session involves a discussion of what it is to be indigenous and to be engaged in commercial activities, and how Indigenous knowledge systems and traditional laws affect commercial activities. effectiveness in Indigenous business.  


  1. Temuera Hall, Director – Portfolio Manager at TAHITO Limited, New Zealand
  2. Bridget Fa’amatuainu, Auckland University of Technology Law School
  3. Kristal Kinsela, Kristal Kinsela Consulting PTY Limited

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2)    Governance and Development as it relates to Indigenous Peoples [May 24 Weds [1:00 pm Sydney time]/May 23 North America]

The recognition of Indigenous rights to use land, implicates the right to development and the commercial use of natural resources for various Indigenous groups.


  1. Richie Howitt, Professor Emeritus at Macquarie University, Australia
  2. Professor Brian Tunui, University of Victoria Wellington

Further information on this session can be found at Facebook Events page

3)    The Institutions and Forms of Indigenous Business Activity in State Law: Over-Regulations, stereotypes and the incompatibility of state business law [May 31 Weds [1:00 pm Sydney time]/May 30 North America]

There are numerous varied examples of business forms that have been used by Indigenous groups across the world.


  1. Joy C. Capistrano, President, Agusan Del Sur State College of Agriculture and Technology, Philippines
  2. Cristina Lim, Associate Professor, Dean, Partido State University, Philippines
  3. Akshaya Kamalnath, Senior Lecturer, National University of Australia

4)    International Indigenous Trade: Challenges, Opportunities and Self-Determination [June 7 Weds [1:00 pm Sydney time]/June 6 North America]

This session discusses the opportunities and meaning international trade may provide indigenous groups. Over the past several years, different states have inserted indigenous trade clauses in international trade agreements negotiated with other states.


  1. Tina Wilson, NZ Director of Trade – Taiwan, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  2. Jane Kelsey, Professor, University of Auckland
  3. Carrie Stoddart-Smith, Opinio Native Aotearoa
  4. Reynaldo Morales, Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, and with the Buffett institute for Global Affairs, being affiliated to the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR)

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