2023 On-Line Forum
Indigenous Commerce, Culture and Law in the Asia-Pacific
(May/June 2023) Call for Papers

We are pleased to invite participants in the 2023 On-Line Forum “Indigenous Business: Culture, Law and Commerce in the Asia-Pacific”
This Forum seeks to investigate the complexities of undertaking business and economic development for Indigenous Peoples. These economic self-determinative activities are an increasingly important aspect of Indigenous governance, as the sustainable creation of wealth and jobs for indigenous communities and youth is one of the challenges that indigenous peoples struggle to protect their culture. It will examine issues involving Indigenous business enterprises and their relationships to Indigenous groups, their traditional lands, sustainable development, the owing/hosting Indigenous community they are part of, the larger society and Indigenous self-determination frameworks in different contexts and national legislations. Indigenous economic activity and business governance, based on state law and regulation, customary law and/or a combination of the two systems blend Indigenous knowledge systems, customary law, constitutional law, and western management practices. Presently Indigenous groups own commercial enterprises that are engaged in tourism, mining, business management, gaming, forestry and logging, agriculture and education among other activities. All these activities are used to restore Indigenous self-determination and the financial health of the indigenous communities who look to operate them in a sustainable manner that are consistent with their customary law and knowledge systems. The Forum will attempt to formulate and contribute with some generalised principles and/or institutional innovations and frameworks by which Indigenous commercial enterprises and Indigenous minority groups can together recognise and entrench various approaches to sustainable business and commercial relationships.

The Online Forum builds on the 2022 4-part Series “Natural Resource Policy, Culture and Law: Land and Water Governance and Minority peoples in the Asia-Pacific” and the 2020 Series 10-part Webinar Series: “Indigenous Peoples, Heritage and Landscape in the Asia Pacific” undertaken by the Science and Technology Innovation Center for Taiwan-Philippines Indigenous Knowledge, Local Knowledge, and Sustainable Studies (CTPILS), National Chengchi University, Taiwan; UCLA Department of Anthropology, USA; UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies; UCLA Asia Pacific Center; University of New England (Australia) First Peoples First Peoples Rights and Law Centre (FPRLC) and UNE Agricultural Law Centre , The Great Lakes Indian Law Centre at the University of Wisconsin – Madison Law School; Auckland University of Technology Centre for Indigenous Rights and Law (AUT), the University of Toyama, Toyama, Japan, and Northwestern University-Buffett Institute for Global Affairs.

The organizing committee does not require a paper/essay to be a participant as a speaker. Given sufficient interest, an edited volume of proceedings may be submitted to publication. Honorariums will be provided.
Please submit enquiries and/or abstracts of your topic with your affiliation to Associate Professor Guy Charlton (gcharlt3@une.edu.au) or Professor Stephen Acabado (acabado@ucla.edu) by April 16, 2023.

See following link for further information and session topics. Indigenous Commerce Culture and Law in the Asia-Pacific.Final Call for Papers