Booloominbah Historic House

Last Friday, UNE Law School celebrated its 30th anniversary at the picturesque Booloominbah Historic House in Armidale. The event was a huge success, with over 80 guests attending, including guest speaker, the Honourable Chief Justice Lucy McCallum. 

Some people travelled from inter-state and across NSW to be at the Law School’s 30th Anniversary dinner. The event was attended by many #UNELaw’s current and past staff, alumni, current students, affiliates, their partners and friends.   




Ladies in Law

The event was also attended by: 

  • Professor Simon Evans (UNE’s Interim Vice-Chancellor).
  • Professor Birgit Loch (Dean of Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business and Law).
  • Professor Michael Adams (UNE Law’s Head of School).
  • Cassandra Banks (President of the Law Society of NSW).
  • Natalie Scanlon (President of the Law Society of NSW, Country Legal and Business Services North & North West Regional Solicitors (Tamworth)).
  • Morton Herschderfer (College of Law, Executive Director, NSW Pre-Admission Program). 

The evening began with canapés and welcome drinks on the lawns of Booloominbah, where many were able to catch up.  

Professor Michael Adams opened up the event, followed by a speech from Professor Simon Evans. Chief Justice McCallum gave an inspiring speech later in the evening, which was very well received by the audience. Her Honour even gave our wonderful #UNELaw students a special shout-out! #UNELaw’s Paul Sattler proposed a toast to the law school, which was followed by the cutting of the cake.  

The Honourable Chief Justice McCallum


Professor Michael Adams

Paul Sattler


Professor Michael Adams and Associate Professor Skye Charry cutting the cake.

The event concluded with #UNELaw’s Julia Day presenting many stories and memories of the law school and its staff! 

Julia Day


 A special thanks to the event’s organising committee: 

Belinda Eastgate, Paul Akon, Dr Wellett Potter and Julia Day.