School of Law
University of New England
2022 Kirby Seminar series

Monday 14 November 2022, 1pm AEDT

Class Action Wars

Professor Vicki Waye

Dean of Law, University of South Australia

Online via Zoom or in person – Lewis Seminar Room, UNE School of Law, W38

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In this Kirby Seminar, Professor Vicki Waye will discuss the polarisation of views driving Australian policy makers regarding the utility of class actions.  Competing views about the capacity for class actions to be misused and the impact (positive and negative) they have on business and government have led to topsy-turvy policy approaches that have masked larger institutional questions regarding how public and entrepreneurial action should best be leveraged to achieve just outcomes.  This lecture will discuss the function of class actions and suggest some measures to attain a better balance between regulatory and private redress.

Professor Waye is Chair of the Academic Board at the University of South Australia and Dean of Law. She is a foundation Professor of Law in the University of South Australia Law School with over 25 years’ experience of teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Professor Waye’s research interests are wide-ranging, however, her two main fields of research are firstly, systems of justice, including ways that access to justice is affected by matters such as litigation funding and mechanisms of collective redress, and secondly, the global food and wine trade. A high proportion of Professor Waye’s research is process oriented, that is concerned with the efficacy of legal process. The research seeks to explain pathways that lead to particular system features and outcomes as well as consider and assess their potential trajectories. – Calibri 12 font unless too much text take to 11.5, 11 & 10 if need be .