Water is arguably our most precious resource. Consequently, there can be considerable tension regarding how water should be used and managed, as the interests of the government, agriculture, industry, and communities can all clash in terms of how rights should be allocated. Therefore, there must be effective regulatory and governance regimes.  

Water governance is a unique and rapidly evolving area of law, and it is fascinating because it is relevant to both rural and urban people. In terms of urban and city environments, water is a central and necessary feature of gardens, parks and golf courses. Due to the high density of people in urban environments, there are also substantial issues relating to water pollution, sewerage treatment and desalination plants. From a rural perspective, water is pivotal to mining, coal seam gas and fracking, as well as good and fibre irrigation.  

If this highly specialised area of law sparks an interest, then consider yourself lucky, as #UNELaw is offering ‘LAW207 – Water Law and Governance’ in T3 that will critically analyse and answer some complex issues and problems surrounding water law and governance. This unit will be particularly advantageous for students seeking to work in a government role related to water law and governance or in private practice, especially in rural and regional areas where this is an emerging and growing area. If this sounds intriguing to you, then this specialised unit is perfect and will help you develop knowledge and gain skills that will set you apart from other graduates!  

#UNELaw’s Dr Amy Cosby will guide you through this exciting unit. Dr Cosby holds a PhD in precision agriculture from UNE and has taught many agriculture and environmental law units at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. She has also undertaken research at #UNELaw’s AgLaw Centre for the past eight years. While this is her first time teaching this unit, her experience and knowledge from her past teachings will be valuable to students. Dr Cosby says she is excited to teach in a cross-disciplinary area involving science and the law. Students undertaking this unit will hear from practising solicitors and other experts in this field, providing them with real-world practical knowledge.  

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