Lisa Ward is joined by her colleague Mr Paul Akon to chat about an array of legal topics and experiences, including, Advocacy (aka Moot), practising as a solicitor, pro bono, advice to students, and his most memorable cases.
Paul teaches LAW480 – Advanced Research, Writing and Advocacy (Moot), a compulsory unit at UNE, often described as the most ‘challenging’ subject. But under Paul’s guidance, students undertaking the unit are provided with all the necessary resources and support to successfully complete the subject! Paul says the unit and court experience is an essential part of a law degree and equips students for their future careers as well.
Paul counsels with valuable advice to students, informing them they must be prepared to do voluntary work and network with others because opportunities may arise in the least expected places. Additionally, Paul shares an important piece of advice from his mentor to students who move on to practice law: “don’t get too close to your clients but also don’t get too far away”. Paul explains the reasoning behind this advice and why it is vital.
Lastly, Paul shares some of the memorable cases that he has worked on in his 35 plus years of experience practising as a solicitor in both private and public sectors.
Tune into this week’s Law in the Bush episode with host Lisa Ward to hear more about our guest speaker Mr Paul Akon’s incredible knowledge and experiences in the legal field.



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Lisa Ward Lecturer UNE Law School