Brain Scan © Dr Adrian Rain

Are you interested in learning about how brain sciences reveal new ways to understand important issues like responsibility, memory and lie detection, drug addiction and transgenderism? In this elective law unit, we explore the implications of neuroscience research and discoveries that may profoundly impact on our legal rules and structures.

This unit is unique in Australia, and will cover ground-breaking innovations in brain science and research. For a brief taster of one issue – criminal responsibility where a defendant has experienced catastrophic brain changes through injury, disease or mind-altering medications – check out this video produced by the Sydney Morning Herald 30 November 2015. (

Another video which provides fascinating insight into the neurology of attention, perception and memory recall is this experiment called the ‘selective attention test.’ I invite you to test your attention and perception levels. You need to watch the entire video to get the full impact. In this unit we look at research into neural correlates of memory, attention and lie detection.  (

In this unit there is no textbook; instead, the readings are taken from journals, newspapers and various reports to provide the most up-to-date picture of law and neuroscience interplay.

You’ll be led on this journey by our health law expert Dr Aileen Kennedy in LAW339 Law and Neuroscience or LLM539 Law and Neuroscience

Dr Aileen Kennedy