Jennie whilst working as a paramedic

UNE Law student Jennie Matthews is a very experienced paramedic- she is no doubt better than most in an emergency. Whilst many of us have had the luxury of staying at home during the Covid 19 pandemic, Jennie has been on the front line helping those who are most vulnerable.

When asked how her job as a paramedic has changed since Covid 19 entered our shores, Jennie notes- ‘my colleagues and I are often required to enter the homes of people who have tested positive to the virus. We have to change into full protective gear before entering the premises.  As you can imagine there is always the fear this may be the time we become infected with the virus.’ Still though Jennie and her colleagues put their personal fears aside and help their patients. 

When Jennie was forced to change her wedding plans because of the Covid 19 restrictions she was pragmatic. In the lead up to her April 4th wedding date it became clear her original plan to host a wedding extravaganza would need to change.  As per the restrictions, Jennie could only have 5 people at her wedding. Jennie and her now husband were joined by a celebrant and two witnesses. One of her bridesmaids/witnesses also acted as the photographer. Jennie’s 17 year old daughter watched from a distance on the beach. 

Jennie’s wedding day

Jennie’s wedding dress was custom made in Asia for her. When she received the dress the week before her wedding, she was unable to get a dressmaker to make the necessary adjustments. So Jennie spent the morning of her wedding day on her sewing machine. Hair and makeup was also achieved in the record time of 30 minutes!!

After the ceremony the group enjoyed Domino’s pizza on the sand. In the end Jennie was thrilled with her wedding: ‘we saved more than $12,000.  I have a full time job and I am studying law- I don’t have time to worry about a wedding!’

You may be wondering why Jennie is currently studying law online through UNE. Jennie is a natural advocate who likes to stick up for others. Whilst working as a paramedic, she has always been involved in the emergency services union where she helps make sure her colleagues are treated with the respect they deserve.

When she completes her law degree, Jennie hopes to work in the industrial sector with the emergency services union.

Thank you Jennie for sharing your inspirational story!