Farewell to Thai Law Students

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We are pleased to report that Tam, Jab, Ploy and Mook who have been visiting #UNELaw from Chiang Mai University have had a terrific time. They have visited several local landmarks including Thunderbolt’s Rock in Uralla.

The students have been immersing themselves in law classes. They recently attended Paul Akon’s LAW157 Alternative Dispute Resolution class. One of the Thai students Jab noted- ‘I really enjoyed your class Paul. I didn’t know that mediation plays such an important role in the legal process. I l have learnt so much from your class, and I am keen to learn more about ADR in Thailand. Thanks for having me and for the knowledge you provided!’

In terms of the LAW251- Corporate Law classes the students attended Jab observed ‘it was really interesting to learn that even though the company has a separate legal entity, the directors and other officers can still also be liable in some cases.’

In addition, the four students visited the Armidale Local Court in order to observe criminal proceedings under the guidance of Magistrate Michael Homes. They also observed the workings of two local law firms, Moin, Morris and Schaefer and Clifton’s Legal. At the trial, Jab noticed that ‘most of the lawyers spent time telling the Magistrate about their client’s background and how good they were. In some instances this helped convince the Magistrate that the client is a good person and could go back and safely live in the community.’

The Law School would like to particularly thank Dr Same Varayudej for organising this visit and hosting the students so beautifully! The Law School would also like to express sincere thanks to Magistrate Michael Holmes and the Local Court’s staff, as well as Moin, Morris and Schaefer and Clifton’s Legal for kindly hosting the visiting law students from Chiang Mai University over the past four years. The experience they have gained from the visits will certainly be useful for their current clinical training at the CMU Faculty of Law.

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