Local Court Internship Program (LAW397)

The Local Court Internship Program (LAW397) will be offered in Trimester 2 this year. The University of New England is one of only three universities in NSW currently offering this internship program as part of an LLB degree. The unit is offered in conjunction with Law Society of NSW and NSW local courts. This is an exciting opportunity and the Law School encourages all eligible students to apply. To be eligible students must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 5 across all law studies as well as 72 credit points in Law. Placements are available in Armidale, as well other regional locations around the state. There may also be Sydney metropolitan area placements, depending on availability.

Students undertaking the Local Court Internship Program will work closely with, and assist, a magistrate. These students will be engaging ‘at the coalface’ of the law as it applies in the local court. It is a wonderful form of experiential learning for students in their legal studies. 

For further information, eligible students can contact Maria Jose Serrano Maria.Serrano@lawsociety.com.au

WORK 300/500-Law

This unit allows students to gain valuable work experience whilst undertaking a law degree. To successfully complete the unit, students must undertake 120 hours work experience in a law firm or industry which is relevant to their legal studies. You will work with Julia Day, who is the unit coordinator of this unit, to devise assessment which best suits your project, work experience and career aspirations.

To be eligible to complete the WORK 300 unit you need to have completed 72 credit points (36 of which need to be at 200-300 level)

If you are interested in applying for this unit, please contact Julia Perryman at careers@une.edu.au or (02)67732000. She will then be able to give you all the information you need. If you would like more information on the academic requirements of this unit, please contact Julia Day on (02)67732098 or jwerren@une.edu.au.