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“What does the Chief Justice of the High Court have in common with you and our new lecturer, Lisa Ward?” 

I came to law in a roundabout way, just like the Honourable Chief Justice of Australia, Susan Kiefel AC. She commenced her working life as a secretary, studying at night to complete her high school certificate, and continued studying while working to complete her legal qualifications.

We can’t all reach the stunning heights of becoming the Chief Justice of the High Court, but she exemplifies that combining work and study can be achieved successfully.  I don’t know if she studied online. I did – at the same time as working and solo parenting.  I understand that study-life balance is challenging for all students, and love that UNE offers flexibility and support to students (UNE Support and Academic Skills Office)

Before studying law, I worked in television, and I am a news and current affairs tragic. In contract and business law units, you’ll see that I link recent news stories – and, if available, youtube clips – to legal principles and legislation. One of my favourite cases that we discuss in the unit LAW272 Contract Law Part II is: Kakavas v Crown Melbourne Ltd & Ors [2013] HCA 25. This case is about gambling, and whether the casino has a duty of care to problem gamblers. It demonstrates clearly how the common law can impact on us individually. There is a story about people behind each case and legal principle.

There are so many interesting cases and legal principles that I’m looking forward to discussing with you, either in person or online. Until then, I wish you the best for the successful completion of your studies.

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Lisa Ward
Lecturer, UNE Law School

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