Dr Monique Cormier awarded the Dean’s Award for Early Career Research

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Congratulations to Dr Monique Cormier who was awarded the Dean’s Award for Early Career Research. One of Dr Cormier’s research areas is nuclear disarmament in International Law, with a specific focus on the legality of Australia’s policy of extended nuclear deterrence 

She has been working on these issues over the last few years both independently and with a colleague at the Faculty of Law at Auckland University. These nuclear disarmament issues are high priority for a number of NGOs which means Dr Cormier has had the opportunity to engage with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weaponsthe Australian Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Dr Cormier’s research has been used to inform some of their advocacy work. She is also involved in a number of advisory committees with these organisations as they campaign for Australia to join the new Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. 

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