Bronwen Jackman Partners with Centro ASSIST

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Many past and present UNE Law School students know Bronwen Jackman as a fun and entertaining lecturer who really focuses on giving students the best possible experience. Perhaps you know Bronwen as the lecturer with the impressive range of tattoos!! What some of you may not know is what an innovative academic Bronwen is.  

Bronwen Jackman from UNE Law School

It is becoming increasingly clear to academics that there are many benefits to working directly with industry. This is usually in terms of research projects. Bronwen Jackman from the UNE Law School has gone one step further by identifying the benefits working with industry groups and representatives will have for her students.   

Specifically Bronwen has partnered with Centro ASSIST to provide access to their CORE PLUS platform.  Students who are enrolled in LAW447 (NDIS and Disability Legal Issues) this trimester will have access to Centro ASSIST’s software. This will give them access to policies, procedures and compliance documents. This means students will get a real life understanding of how the disability industry functions.   

Bronwen notes ‘We see Centro ASSIST’s platform as a tangible, relevant and a necessary tool for assisting our students in their various roles within the Scheme. More broadly, we also view this as a wonderful opportunity to work with Centro ASSIST in developing and improving the work practices of our student participants.’ 

Centro ASSIST’s CORE PLUS product is specifically designed for NDIS service providers delivering the specialist registration groups in Modules 1-5.  These particular policies and processes are required for five registration groups: 

  1. High Intensity Daily Personal Activities 
  2. Specialist Behaviour Supports 
  3. Early Interventions supports for early childhood 
  4. Specialist Support Coordination 
  5. Specialist Disability Accommodation 

Through CORE PLUS, UNE’s NDIS certificate and law students will have access to policies, processes, forms, guides and registers in the online web-app, helping them grasp the legislative frameworks underpinning the NDIS. 

Walter Tran, Head of Disability Markets for Centro ASSIST, added, “This gives students hands-on experience of working with the approved audit and compliance content that they will see in their workplaces.” 

“We are pleased to be providing this to UNE’s students and boosting the quality and professionalism of the future workforce.” 

This is a truly innovative project which allows students to gain an authentic and valuable learning experience with people who actually work in the industry. This sort of enterprise has other benefits, such as encouraging students to build their professional network. It also shows how students, academics and industry professionals can work together for the good of all groups.  

Well done Bronwen and Centro ASSIST! 

Feature Image: NDIS-UNE Group

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