Governing for Megadiversity Research Workshop

Workshop Group
Some of the workshop group

Some of the workshop group

Recently, staff from the School of Law and the AgLaw Centre participated in a ‘Governing for Megadiversity’ research workshop with visiting scholars from Brazil. The event brought together staff and students researching on aspects of megadiversity. Australia and Brazil are two of seventeen megadiverse countries in the world, and the two nations share a number of governance challenges when it comes to biodiversity. Those present discussed some of the common challenges, lessons that could be learned from each jurisdiction, and potential law reform and institutional improvements to enhance effectiveness.

Members of the research workshop

Members of the research workshop

 The workshop began in Sydney with a welcome dinner that included guests from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the Brazilian Consul-General, and Chief Justice Brian Preston from the NSW Land and Environment Court. The group travelled to Coffs Harbour, where they each presented their case studies of governing for biodiversity. Following a quick stop at the Big Banana (of course), and a tour along the Waterfall Way, our Brazilian visitors came to Armidale where they got to visit the UNE campus and see some of our resident kangaroos.

UNE's Visitors

Some of UNE’s Visitors

 An edited book is planned arising from the research presented at the workshop. UNE participants included Professor Paul Martin, Acting Head of School; Associate Professor Amanda Kennedy, Acting Director of the AgLaw Centre; Dr Sharllene Marimuthu and Dr Kip Werren from the School of Law; Dr Andrew Lawson and Dr Amy Cosby from the AgLaw Centre; and Vivek Nemane and Natalie Taylor, PhD students.”



  • Mauricio says:

    What a great event and moment! The debates and exchange regarding Australian and Brazil megadiversity were excelent !

  • Ligia Cerqueira says:

    What an amazing experience! Thanks to the Australian and Brazilian team for the rich discussions and exchange of ideas!

  • Nathalia says:

    Thank so much Ag Law team and University of New Engand. The Workshop of Megabiodiversity was the best academic experience in my life.

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