Kiera first commenced at Coleman Greig Lawyers through a legal services traineeship. This enabled her to complete Certificate 3 and 4 in Legal Studies whilst working full time at Coleman Greig. Whilst Kiera was first employed as a mail clerk, it soon became apparent that Kiera was not reaching her potential and so was promoted to a legal secretary position. After a few years as a legal secretary Kiera was again promoted to a paralegal position in the Commercial Advice division of the law firm.

Kiera really enjoys working at Coleman Greig as she likes the variety of matters she works on. She also thrives in a fast paced environment and likes getting to know her many clients.

Kiera’s position as a paralegal engaged her interests in commercial law and contributed to her decision to further pursue her career within the industry.

Kiera chose to study through UNE’s School of Law as it is the biggest provider of online law studies in Australia. Kiera has studied online before so she knew this mode of study was the best option for her whilst working full time. She can choose to study in the manner and location that is most convenient to her lifestyle- in fact Kiera even uses the commute home from work as a valuable block of time for study. All she has to do is log into her subject’s webpage and she is ready to learn!

Kiera is currently undertaking the foundation law unit which is known as LAW100 as well as ECON100. She chose to enrol in a 4 years bachelor of law degree where aside from completing the mandatory law units she also has the flexibility to undertake 8 non law electives of her choice. In order to get the most out of her degree Kiera will likely choose to complete business, economics or accounting units as her electives as these will be most relevant to her career.

When she completes her law degree Kiera wants to continue working at Coleman Greig Lawyers as a fully qualified lawyer in commercial law. She notes Coleman Greig Lawyers are an excellent company to work for as they have been extremely supportive of her career.

Kiera is also enjoying her UNE experience and finds the online support and resources are excellent. She loves knowing the Parramatta Future Campus is on her doorstep so she can get extra support and help if she needs it.

When Kiera is not working or studying she enjoys keeping fit, travelling and socialising with friends.