When you are in your late teens and early 20s, probably the last thing you are thinking about is making a will. You may think making a will is only for old people or those with heaps of money and assets. If so, please read on!

Jason Crook, who is a one of our later year off campus law students recently contacted us about a fantastic new initiative called ‘Will It Your Way.’ Apparently, Jason’s interest in wills and estates was piqued as a result of the succession law unit that Jason completed with Meg Vine and Paul Sattler last year. As a result of this interest Jason is now working in this area as a law clerk in Griffith.

Jason met Kay Catanzariti, the founder of WIYW, as his firm is one of the ‘Will Makers’ partnered with the initiative. Kay found out the hard way how important it is for young people to make a will. Sadly, her 21 year old son was tragically killed in a workplace accident in 2012 when a 39 metre concrete pouring boom collapsed on top of him.

As you can imagine Kay was distraught after these events and her situation was made worse and more complicated by the fact her son did not have a valid will at the time of his death. As a result of her experience Kay decided to create ‘Will It Your Way’ (WIYW).

WIYW educates and creates awareness to younger people of the importance of will making so they can take control of their adult life. You see, at any age, if you die without leaving a will this makes administering your affairs more difficult and costly for your family. Leaving a valid will also means that any money or assets you own are left to the most appropriate person. WIYW also promotes awareness and assists in linking young people to information in relation to tax file numbers, organ donation and voting registration.

The UNE School of Law, along with high profile celebrities such as Johanna Griggs, Steve Peacocke, Layne Beachley and Richard Wilkins are proud to support this initiative and implore you to make a will as soon as you are able. Check out the Will It Your Way website as it will give you all the information you need to get started.