You can never guess who you might run into, so make sure you’re clean!

Posted by | August 03, 2017 | Biosecurity, Disease, Extension Activities | No Comments
Cotton Hub staff dressed up as the Lone Ranger and Pocohontas in a field, sitting on a dead, fallen tree.

Last Friday saw me caught me off guard a couple of times. Firstly I finished a lecture and a student in the class came down and told me that she knows a colleague that I recently did some videos with. Turns out they are neighbours, but she really liked the videos. Later I am setting up for a practical and a student approached me saying how much he enjoyed the videos I had recently done. He may have been slightly biased as he had done work experience with me in Narrabri the year before, but it highlighted to me that you can’t tell who you are going run into. It also reminded me of those videos and so I though I had better put them up here as well.
So come-clean go clean, because you never know.



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