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The word for the brain section known as the ‘amydgala’ is derived from the Ancient Greek for ‘olive’ because of its shape. The amygdala is generally accepted as a key area in the brain for emotions such as anxiety and fear, so it is fitting that Professors Chris Sharpley and Vicki Bitsika from the BBRG were in Kalamata (where the famous Kalamata olives come from) to talk about anxiety and stress in parents of children with autism.

Kalamata is one of the sites in Greece where data are being collected on parental anxiety and stress, part of Profs Bitsika and Sharpley’s four-nation survey of anxiety and well-being in parents of children with autism (Australia, Greece, Denmark UK). Vicki and Chris addressed parents at the Kalamata Autism Centre about the research project and their own fears and anxieties regarding their children.

Prof Bitsika answering parents’ questions about their own children, Kalamata

Prof Sharpley (plus interpreter) discussing the initial results of the survey with Kalamata parents.

Some of the moments from these presentations were captured in this short video:


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