2019, Volume 27, Paper 7
ISSN: 1883-5675

Effects of ASEAN Transport Connectivity Enhancement

Michael Smith, Don Gunasekera, Rukman Wimalasuriya, David Newth and Adam Voak


There is a recognition that trade costs along domestic and international supply chains can be significantly reduced by improving the logistics performance in each mode of transport involved in various chain transactions. These improvements may be conveniently facilitated by the optimisation of the transitioning strategies from unimodal to multimodal (or combined) transport services. In this context, we examine here the status of current multimodal connectivity in freight transport practiced in the ASEAN region. We have focussed on the potential economic impacts of enhancing the levels of supply chain multimodal connectivity on the emerging economies of this region.

Key words:

ASEAN, transportation, productivity gains, economy-wide modelling

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