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Moodle – How to check who is enrolled and if the unit is live

July 20, 2011 by mlinnema · No Comments · Notices

Students should have access to the online Moodle sites. If you come across any sites that you believe do not have the correct offerings attached or suspect that students do not have access please see the notes below.

See what Callista offerings are connected to the site
The ‘Advanced Settings’ page available from the Course Management block contains lists of students enrolled in each of the Callista offerings attached to the site. It is available by clicking on the link displaying the number of students. These lists now include student usernames and email addresses and is sorted by student surname.

Other reports listing staff and students
A list of all users that have access to a site is available from the ‘Enrolled users’ page (Settings > Site administration > Users > Enrolled users). This page displays the users role (e.g. “Student”). Offering information of students added through Callista is displayed in the groups column, including the unit code and mode (ON, OF or OL). Other reports available are the Participants list and the Grades page. More information about these lists is available in the ‘Moodle Basics’ book in Moodle 101 http://moodle.une.edu.au/mod/book/view.php?id=80954&chapterid=11048

No students or Missing students?
If you believe there are students that do not have access to your site, check the ‘Advanced Settings’ page to make sure that the correct offerings are attached to the site. Use the ‘Edit Offerings’ page (Course Management > Edit Offerings) to update these. A video showing how to see if your students have access can be viewed here http://tlc.une.edu.au/how2/staff.htm?check-to-see-if-students-have-access-to-your-unit.swf

If you have a question, please contact the LMS helpline on x3396 or email uneonline@une.edu.au for assistance.

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