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Semester 1/2011 units have been created!

December 2, 2010 by mlinnema · No Comments · Notices

Please find below an update on Semester 1/2011 units as well as information about setting up assignments and releasing the unit (early).
Also, a reminder mester 2 units will close for most students tomorrow, Friday, 3rd December 2010, the day final grades for the unit are released.
Students with SETs will automatically retain access to the units.

2011 S1 units shells
New unit shells for Semester 1 / 2011 units have now been created and content, where available, has been copied from previous versions of the units. Please note that discussion postings, Message Of The Day (MOTD) content and announcements were not migrated.

We would appreciate if you could verify that all your units are available and contain the appropriate content by logging into MyUNE (http://my.une.edu.au) and selecting the “Personal” tab.

Please contact the UNEOnline Helpline (x3396, uneonline@une.edu.au) if :-

*    you cannot see all the units you are coordinating in the Personal tab in MyUNE
*    you cannot see content that you believe should have been transferred or content has been transferred incorrectly.

Setting up assignments

To set up assignments for your course, please go to MyUNE, click on the Personal Tab and click on the “Profile” link for your 2011 S1 unit (The name of the unit includes the year/teaching period it has been created for, eg  example987_2011S1 indicates a shell for 1st semester 2011 for the unit example987).

Scroll down to the “Assignment Info” section of the site profile page and click on “Create Assignment” and follow the prompts on the next page to set up the assignments. A full manual for staff can be found at


Unit Staff

The list of coordinators for your unit was copied over from the previous version. If you would like to remove coordinators or add additional staff members to give them access, please go to MyUNE, click on the Personal Tab and click on the “Profile” link for your 2011 S1 unit. Scroll down to the “Staff” section – click on “Add Person” to add additional staff (you need to use their username) or the red cross next to an existing entry to delete a person. (Following these steps you can also remove yourself from any unit you are now longer involved in).

Releasing units

Units will be released on Monday, 7th February, two weeks before the start of teaching. If you would like your unit to be released on this date, no action is required – all units will be released to enrolled students via MyUNE on that day.

Students will be made aware that teaching will not commence until 21st February and that they should not expect “interactive” content (Discussions etc) until then. We recommend that you also include a similar announcement into your unit and “hide” any tools (such as Discussion or the Mail) that you do not want students to use before the start of teaching.

Releasing units early

To release a unit early, please go to the “Profile” page for your unit (from the Personal tab in MyUNE) and scroll down to the “Information” section

a)     In the UNIT INFO section, using the RELEASE options, click “Edit” and select the release date for the unit. Save your changes.

b)     In the UNIT INFO section using the STATUS options, set the unit from “Under Development” to “Active”. Save your changes – the unit will be released to students on the date specified.

If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact the UNEOnline Helpline (x3396, uneonline@une.edu.au) for help and advice.

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