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Ereserve links in S2/2010 units with 2009 content – please check (and update) the links

July 7, 2010 by mlinnema · No Comments · Notices

If you have transferred content across from an older unit to your S2/2010 and are including a link to eReserve in your units, your students may encounter a “Security Certificate” error when using this link

The problem is that old content may contain links to a now defunct server (secure.une.edu.au) that was decommissioned some months ago and no longer has a current security certificate.

If you have a link to eReserve in your units, we would appreciate your help in updating the links.

To do so

  • Go to the “Build” tab of your unit
  • Click on the “Web Links” option
  • Find any links to eReserve in the list and click on the arrow beside each link to EDIT PROPERTIES of the link
  • Save your changes

Links to the main esubmission page should be changed from

To the correct:

If you would like to link to the materials specific to your unit (rather than the main page), the link should read:
http://www.une.edu.au/ereserve/documents/UNITXXX (where UNITxxx is the unit code, eg PSYC101)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to link to two ereserve sections in a single link; if you run a double-level unit and have different readings for each level, please add TWO links to your unit, one for each level.

ITD will also run scripts to identify units with old links and correct any incorrect links before the start of teaching in S2.

Please contact the UNEOnline Helpline on 3396 (uneonline@une.edu.au) if you have any questions about this change or any other feature of your unit.

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