Web Publishing Guidelines

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The web publishing guidelines have moved after our migration to Squix Matrix, visit  UNE Web Guide for all your editing resources and help.


The web publishing guidelines have been moved to the UNEweb Content Management System and updated. They are going to be expanded over the coming weeks to contain help files and other resources.

Start at the UNEweb Hub: http://www.une.edu.au/uneweb/

That page links to policies, guidelines and related policies and includes a feedback form for suggesting what you would like to have added to the UNEweb Hub and resources. There is a link to a training page with a form to request training.

The resources page currently contains:

  • a guide to browser windows, and
  • how to use the redirect form.

FAQs that at the moment have two items:

  • how to request training and
  • correct file and folder naming,

and the guidelines area currently contains:

  • core standards,
  • file and folder naming,
  • writing content,
  • accessibility,
  • images,
  • metadata and
  • search engine optimization.


The next additions to the guidelines will be the guidelines and instructions for the specific page types that were established by the WWG (Web Working Group):

  • subject area,
  • new and amended courses,
  • Faculty and School pages.