UNE has an outstanding reputation for our commitment to distance education, and for setting standards for academic learning across the world.


At UNE, online study is about the kind of flexibility and support that can only come from a university that has long understood the challenges faced by adults studying from home.

Lara Conlan is a Solicitor from the United Kingdom who opted to enrol online in Single Unit Study (Law) with UNE. Here, she talks about her experience with studying online at UNE and the positive impact it has had. 

While searching for degrees, why did you opt for an online course rather than an on-campus course?

I had recently moved to Australia from the UK and I was moving around the country with my partner’s job. I wanted to jump straight into my prescribed units, rather than wait until we settled in Melbourne. Online study gave me the flexibility to do just that.

From your experience, what have been the benefits of online learning?

Too many to count! I’m someone who works independently and likes my own space to absorb information in my own time and at my own pace. Online learning is perfect for that. It also allows a level of flexibility that is not normally enabled in on-campus courses. If you’re working part-time to support yourself through your study, online learning is a very attractive option. 

What does the day-to-day experience of an online learner look like? For instance, are there fixed lectures, do you have strict deadlines to meet?

I received a thorough unit outline with contacts for lecturers and the books required. What was expected of me was clearly set out with the deadlines, which was normally one assignment mid-course then a final exam. What I liked so much about UNE is that the semesters are short – you cover the content at a reasonably fast pace, yet the content is clear and structured so it doesn’t overwhelm you.  

I worked one week behind the first release of content for a topic, completing all the reading, lectures and tutorial questions in one go whilst the content for that topic was fresh in my head. This allowed me to effectively time-manage because I could complete all the work for one topic without switching lectures for different topics. I found it allowed me to get across the content quickly and efficiently, with thorough notes and annotated problem questions for each topic.

Do you think that you would recommend an online course to other students? If so why?

I would specifically recommend online course study at UNE. I completed a ‘distance learning’ course with a different university and did not have the same positive experience.

UNE is really unique in the support it provides for online students. They are always ready to listen and help. Even though I was only completing three single units, I found the experience very empowering and I continually recommend UNE to my friends who are thinking of moving to Australia and need to convert their degrees. The lectures and tutorials were thorough, clear and covered the perfect level of content that allowed me to really understand the legal topics I was studying. The knowledge I gained from Administrative Law has been invaluable to my current work as a Solicitor in Refugee and Immigration Law.

Has your online law experience shaped your career? If so, how?

Although I already had an established career before attending UNE, the study of Administrative Law has made me consider other potential career paths in the future, specifically relating to judicial review of migration decisions in the Commonwealth courts.

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Thanks to Lara for sharing her insights into online study and to UNE International staff member, Jeremy Turner for putting this interview together.