School Liaison Team gets out on the road

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It is that time of year again, when the School Liaison Officers travel across the state to visit year 12 students. From Lismore to Condobolin, Ruth, Kim and Brian will be offering schools the opportunity to receive a personal visit. Year 12 students will be knuckling down to study, but they will also be busy doing research on their options for after they finish school. Some will change their mind a hundred times. This is where the visits from UNE, and often other universities, can be really useful.

The UNE representatives will bring course booklets and Early Entry and Scholarship booklets to the schools. They will go through the details involved with applying, and talk about the fun side of university. They’ll go through costs, accommodation options, foreign exchange opportunities and support services. “We think it is really important that students start to think about their back-up options as well,” said Kim Burton, School Liaison Officer for the NSW North Coast region, “Early Entry is a great back-up option for many students. If, for example, they would like to study Medicine, they can apply through Early Entry to courses like Biomedical Science or Nursing, as a back-up. That way, they can still go into an area they would love and perhaps apply for Medicine again down the track.”

Early Entry booklets will be posted to schools in the coming weeks. Application forms can also be downloaded from the UNE website. “I got into my Bachelor of Languages through Early Entry,” comments Ruth Bartlett-Taylor, School Liaison Officer for the NSW Central West region. “It was great to find out in early December that my place at UNE was guaranteed. I started planning my big move into college and got to relax for the rest of the summer!”

This time of year is a really good time for Careers Advisers to encourage students in both year 11 and year 12 to book campus tours over the coming months. UNE offers tours through the year, and runs daily tours over the summer. Students and their friends and family will see the colleges, facilities, SportUNE, the library and the various support services offered by UNE. Campus Tours can be booked through the UNE website or by ringing 1800 818 865. Video Conferencing is also available.

Now is the time to get excited about university!