The Student Support Team is happy to post any information that’s relevant to students of the University of New England (remember, the majority of our students – 80% – do not study on campus!).

To ensure your information is ‘post-ready’, please follow these guidelines:

  • Material of a commercial nature will be posted at the discretion of the Team and we reserve the right to edit material to suit publication/University Guidelines
  • Posts to the Insiders’ Guide will also be distributed via Student Support Twitter and Facebook profiles
  • Provide a high res photo in 16:9 format (623px wide) which is free of copyright restrictions (or that you own) for use as the featured image
  • Provide editorial in plain text format (no html or word docs etc) along with all links (please copy the html code and test to make sure it is correct) to support material/provide further resources
  • Provide contact details for further information (url, phone number and email address)
  • Any instructional or ‘how to’ images should be in 16:9 format (623px wide)
  • Provide attribution (i.e. at the base of each story posted we attribute to a source in the format ‘Source: <First Name> <Last Name> – <Business/Unit Title>’)

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