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tUNEup from home: online university preparation course

tUNEup from home is an optional on-line learning support program for students who may not be confident about studying or writing at university and who would like to do some preparation at home before embarking on their studies. The course is not essential, and it does not count towards your degree.

Who should enrol?

tUNEup is targeted specifically to students who may have been out of the educational system for some time and would like to ‘tune up’ their skills.

What is involved?

The course is free of charge, runs over a period of two-four weeks and covers aspects of online learning tools, academic writing and study skills. It is based around discussions with an ASO lecturer and with other students on an online discussion board. You will be guided by focus questions and a suggested study schedule, plus supplementary materials. Individual feedback on a writing activity is available.

When does the next course run?

The next tUNEup course is running now, from 26 September to 23 October, 2022. You can self-enrol here.

For more information please email

tUNEup your Maths

The tUNEup Mathematics (Stage 1) course is designed to assist students to fill in some gaps in their secondary school level mathematics. The two-week course focuses on some early algebra and pre-calculus material. It covers the following topics:

  1. Types of numbers, notational conventions, magnitude, surds and factoring
  2. Order of operations and systematic ambiguity.
  3. Algebra: Substitution
  4. Index laws
  5. Algebra: Like terms
  6. Algebra: Expanding expressions
  7. Algebra: Factorising
  8. Surds
  9. Changing the subject of an equation
  10. Solving different types of equations

Each topic is covered in one day over the two week course. The time required to complete the course work will vary from student to student, depending on ability. Some students may need to devote 3-4 hours a day to each topic.

The tUNEup Mathematics materials are also offered via moodle in a self-paced study mode. You can self-enrol here.


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