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UNE wants to better understand your experiences with us across our campuses and online, so that we can build a UNE community which protects and promotes the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ staff and students.   

We are inviting all staff, students and alumni, however you identify, to participate in the anonymous Queer Allyship Survey. The responses we receive from this survey will inform the design and purposes of the Queer Allyship Network, and help us in assessing the needs for training that will begin in early 2022 for staff and students. The Queer Allyship Network is an exciting and important program, which will be designed using the information you provide in the survey. The survey data analysis will be led by an external consultant with no affiliation to UNE. 

The survey will be open from Monday 20 September to Friday 29 October. It will take around 30 – 40 minutes to complete. If you prefer to complete the survey over multiple sittings, you can come back to the survey any time while the survey is open. To recommence the survey, the link in this email will take you back to the last survey page you completed.

If you prefer to complete the survey as an interview or have any queries, please contact us at

For more detailed information about the survey, including how the data will be used, and how the survey was developed, please click on the survey link above.

If you require support around any of the topics in this survey please reach out. Support for students is available here.

Thank you for your participation.

UNE Wellness Centre, Dr Christina Kenny (UNE Sociology) and Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli (Deakin)