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It’s officially the last day of exams for Trimester 2.  Hopefully this is a time for celebration, to catch your breath, and for many of you to prepare for Trimester 3 (beginning 26 October). 

However, we understand that sometimes things come up that impact your ability to study, and we have a number of processes that might be of help to you if you’re finding yourself in this boat. 

You can find information and links under the relevant headings below, but if you can’t find what you need or it’s all too confusing or overwhelming then please give us a ring on 02 6773 2000 and we’ll help you out. You can also catch us by email through AskUNE, Live Chat or through Facebook or Instagram!


Personal Support

As you’ll see below, there are plenty of options available with regards to your academics depending on what you’ve been experiencing. We can help you figure this out if you need, but your safety and wellbeing is always the most important thing.

Our Counselling Team are available to provide personal and emotional support in person, over the phone or via Skype so if you would like to speak with someone about your circumstances, you can arrange an appointment by phoning 02 6773 2897 between 9am-4pm weekdays. 

If you are in need of urgent support outside of office hours, you can contact the UNE After Hours Crisis Support Line by phoning 1300 661 927 or texting 0488 884 169. You can find a helpful service directory here

Given the impacts of COVID- 19,  for the the ‘specials’ below, you are only required to supply a personal statement along with your application, explaining how COVID-19 has affected your studies.  If you have other supporting documents, you are welcome to provide them, but the personal statement may be all that is required.

Special Extensions of Time

If you have an assessment due that you haven’t been, or won’t be able to submit due to reasons beyond your control, you could look into applying for a Special Extension of Time. It is also a good idea to get in touch directly with your Unit Coordinator to give them a heads up that you will be making an application. You can fill out the online application and attach supporting documentation. Although there are particular dates that you need to have submitted these requests by, if you’ve missed this we would still encourage you to reach out to your Unit Coordinator to seek their advice. 

Special Exams 

If you were unable to sit your scheduled Examination for reasons beyond your control, you could look at applying for a Special Examination. An approved Special Examination will generally be held in the following Examination period. You can fill out the online application, and again, it is a great idea to let your Unit Coordinator know that you are making this application. If you are applying for a Special Examination, it is important that you submit your application ASAP. 

Special Consideration

You can apply for Special Consideration if you believe unforeseen circumstances impacted you while completing an assessment or exam. Check out the online form form for more information. Special Considerations allows your marker to take your situation into consideration when marking your work. 

Remission of Fees

If unforeseen circumstances mean you have been unable to complete your studies this trimester, you can consider applying for a Remission of Fees. A successful application for Remission of Fees will remove any fail grade for that unit from your academic transcript, and will waive or refund the tuition fees for that unit. You can read more about the types circumstances and required supporting documentation on the online form.

Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty

If you are unsuccessful in an application for Remission, or you don’t feel this option is appropriate you then you can consider applying for a Withdrawal without Academic Penalty. A successful application will remove an unsuccessful grade from your transcript and record your unit as W – Withdrawn, which does not impact your GPA. You can find more information about this here. Please note that this option does not result in a return of tuition fees.