Reading List; Check out your new resource manager from Trimester 3, 2018

Published On November 14, 2018 | By Amy | General News, Resources

You might have heard about Reading List, which UNE is using to manage readings and resources from Trimester 3, 2018. 

If your unit uses Reading list then you’ll see a link to it in your unit’s Moodle site. 

The icon will look like this: 

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Unit Coordinator for assistance if you are unable to find your readings. 

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2 Responses to Reading List; Check out your new resource manager from Trimester 3, 2018

  1. Harry says:

    Confusing. What does “Trimester 3 2018” got to do with what I’m doing, having enrolled for the first time with UNE in Trimester 1 2019? Why even mention “Trimester 3 2018”, forcing me to spend time — precious study time — trying to work out this is relevant to me, if at all?

    • Amy says:

      Hey Harry,
      I’m sorry you’re finding the blog navigation confusing, but I have a couple tips that will hopefully mean you don’t risk losing any more time in the future. We understand minutes are precious when you’re trying to fit study in around everything else you might have happening!
      The Insiders’ Guide is a blog, which means all posts do become archived so that students and staff can return to the information at a later date if need be.
      So that this doesn’t cause confusion, we try to ensure that all blog titles give a clear indication of the study period that the information is relevant for. If in doubt though, it’s always a good idea to check the date the article was posted which can be found directly under the title.
      On the Insiders’ Guide home page, the top left block will cycle through all of the most recent posts for ease of access, and if you’re after something specific then you might like to use our search function in the right hand column.
      I hope this makes things a bit clearer and that your study time was positive and productive over the weekend!
      Kind regards,

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