The Student Support Team’s Weekly Study Guide – week twelve – get study tips and tricks

Published On September 24, 2018 | By Luke | Resources

Welcome to week twelve!

You may have received your unit evaluations by now. It’s really important that you take the time to fill these in so that we know what’s working and what’s not; what you liked and what you didn’t; and how we can improve in the future.

If you thought the unit, or the unit coordinator was just great, and that nothing needs changing, tell us that as well.

You should also think about registering for the New England Award. It’s designed for both on and off-campus students and looks great on your CV.


Uni can be stressful and tiring so make sure you keep doing things that make you happy! Make time to go to the gym, take your dog for a walk, and see your friends. Work hard and enjoy your breaks. You’ve earned them!

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