All students: exams and assessments; what to do if it all went a bit awry

Published On June 18, 2018 | By Luke | Resources

So that’s trimester 1 over and done with. We really hope you did well but understand also that sometimes things can go wrong. If you weren’t at your best during an exam – or didn’t sit the exam at all – for reasons that were both unforeseen and beyond your control, you might want to have a look at these options. 

Special Consideration – special considerations can be beneficial if you are able to complete your assignment or examination, but have been impacted by extenuating circumstances whilst preparing or undertaking the assessment. It allows the Unit Coordinator to take your circumstances into consideration when marking your work (to a maximum of 3% for the entire unit). You can find the application form here.

Special Examination – If you were unable to sit your scheduled examination for reasons beyond your control, you could look at applying for a special examination. An approved special examination will generally be held in the following Examination period (so you would need to sit/re-sit your exam between 8 October and 19 October 2018). You will also have to sit exams for the units you are studying in trimester 2, so keep that in mind when you apply/plan T2 enrolments. 

You can find the application for this here.

Both applications require you to fill in the form and send it, along with both a written statement and supporting documentation (the application explains what counts as supporting documentation) through AskUNE

If you have any questions, get in touch with the exams unit on 02 6773 2000 or send a request through AskUNE

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