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Published On June 13, 2018 | By Luke | Opportunities and Events

The mission of the NSW SES is to save lives and protect communities. As part of a commitment to excellence, the operational process is under constant evaluation and refinement.

An identified area of improvement is the availability of SES members. Currently the availability of members to attend operational activities (rescues, call centre, community events, etc.) are managed at various levels (unit commands) within the organisation.

This project is to unify the process of collecting member availability for all activities within the NSW SES. A unified model of member availability allows the SES to improve its operational awareness and direct resources more efficiently.

This project will provide for a better understanding of the NSW SES member workforce availability and capability. It was agreed that by producing an in-house, open sourced application by using volunteer developers and staff members it would allow us to more closely meet the organisational requirements.

It is expected that this project will provide a “portal like” view of all NSW SES volunteers’ and staff’s availability for supporting incidents and events at any one time along with highlighting their current capability with currency to perform the required emergency response / request for assistance.

The member availability and capacity management solution will include a smartphone / tablet app, in which members can easily nominate their availability, or specified members can enter availability on behalf of others, for immediate response jobs, non-rescue type response jobs and Out of Area Deployment (Extended Availability which can include interstate deployments.) In scope is also the ability for Incident Management Team (IMT) staff and team leaders to use the above member availability to create entire teams for deployment from within the NSW SES Operational Management System, “beacon”.

The product is using cutting-edge application software and is being developed using React JS and React Native, with GraphQL used to manage the back-end. Any assistance in development would be appreciated to help get the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) live, or to assist in enhancements into the future. We will need to determine your experience and can provide you with specific work to do, but bearing in mind we have a very tight deadline in the next few weeks and we will need to ensure we are running as efficiently as possible – in the short term at least; although input and effort would be appreciated!

This opportunity is open to on-campus and distance students and UNE staff

If this opportunity sounds like something you would be interested in, or you want more information, please contact;

Heath Stimson – 0458 012256

Source: NSW SES 

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