Pint of Science: over three nights (14-16 May) at the Wicklow; book online now

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The UNE Student Science and Technology Association (UNESSTA) presents Pint of Science; an international event that aims to deliver interesting and relevant talks on the latest science research in an accessible format to the public- all in the pub!


UNE students will be presenting their research to the community each night at The Wicklow, followed by trivia, keynote speakers, and a question and answer session. 


Each night has a theme and has the following keynote speakers:

Monday 14 May: Conquering Cancer: Can we make cancer turn on itself?

Nikola Bowden (Cancer Research Group Leader, University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute): Cancer treatments work by causing so much DNA damage that the tumour cells die. When tumours become resistant they accumulate the DNA damage and become more aggressive. What if we could use this to make the tumour turn on itself, and die?


Tuesday 15 May: The future of Farming: Managing sheep with invisible fences

Dr Danila Marini (Post-doctoral Fellow, University of New England, CSIRO). Dr Marini be talking about the basics of virtual fencing, how it is implemented in livestock and how they learn to respond to the fence.


Wednesday 16th May: Breeding better burgers: The beauty of the beast

Dr Sonja Dominik (Research Scientist, CSIRO Agriculture and Food)

Genetic diversity in our domestic livestock is fascinating and breeding on farm is much more high tech than one might expect. Dr Dominik talk about for livestock, cattle going to the poll and how to find the black sheep.


Tickets are $6 each and are available for purchase from


For more information contact UNESSTA at:


Facebook: @unessta

Twitter: @UNESSTAssoc

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