All Students: SETs, Special Exams, and Special Consideration; what to do when things go a bit awry

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So, we have passed the last day to withdraw without penalty, exams are just around the corner, and you aren’t sure what just hit the fan … but it doesn’t look so good.

Often extenuating and unforeseen circumstances can impede your ability to hand in that final assessment task or even to sit your exam. If this is the case, you can apply  for either a Special Extension of Time (SET) or a Special Examination, or you can ask for Special Consideration for work that you have done. 

Applying for a SET

If you need an extension on your assessment task that stretches out past the commencement of exams (Monday 4 June) or you already have an extension and you need another, you can apply for a SET by filling in the following form:

Applying for a Special Examination

If you can’t sit your exam this trimester, you may be eligible for a Special Examination.  This means you can apply to sit the exam in the next exam period (8 October – 19 October) by filling in the form located here: 

Special Consideration

Special Consideration is when unforeseen or unavoidable circumstance (i.e. illness) negatively affects your performance during an assessment item or examination. This may be taken into account during marking. Special consideration may be applied for a maximum of 3% of your final grade for the unit. You can apply for Special Consideration by filling in the form located here:

Stuff you need to know 

  • The best way to send your application is via AskUNE. You can also fax your application to 02 6773 4400 or mail it to ‘Student Success Directorate’, UNE NSW 2351’.
  • Read the ‘Information for Applicants’ section on page 2 of the application before you submit it. 
  • Make sure you get the application in no later than 5 days after you sit your final exam for that exam period for the Special Exam and Special Consideration  5 days after the start of the exam period for the SET .
  • Applications must be accompanied by supporting evidence of the extenuating and unforeseen circumstances.
    • Depending on your situation, your documentation could include Doctor’s Certificates, Police Reports, SES reports, a letter from a minister of religion, a solicitor, Head of College (not a tutor), Director of the Oorala Centre, a current treating health professional, psychologist, employer etc. In exceptional circumstances, a statutory declaration may be accepted.
    • If you know that there will be a delay in providing the documentation, send the completed application once the documentation is available, along with an explanation for the late submission.

If you need advice on what supporting documentation you might require, you can call the exams unit on 02 6773 2000.


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