Intensive schools: Get top tips from the Insiders

Published On April 10, 2018 | By Luke | Intensive Schools, News

Autumn Intensive Schools are just around the corner, so here’s our list of things you need to know if this is your first time on campus. If there is something we have missed you can ask

  1. Accommodation: You can book your on-campus accommodation here (but it does sell out pretty quickly) or have a look at staying in town (go here for info and bookings).
  2. Getting Around Campus: We’ve put together a custom Google map which should help you find your way around. The official campus/College maps are available here. If you are staying in town, or plan to go in to town at some point, take a look at our Armidale Infographic Map.
  3. Buses: Edwards Coaches is the local provider so go here for the timetable and the latest bus route map.
  4. IT: Here’s all the info you need to get access to the high-speed UNE network while you’re here (and yes you can arrange it before you leave home – Wired version and Wireless Version). 
  5. Library: No doubt you’ll be using the Library while you’re here. Click on the link for information about the learning commons.
  6. ID Cards: You’ll need a student ID card – if you haven’t sorted yours out yet, head on over to the ID Cards site, or alternatively, you can get one printed out by Safety and Security Located in the central courtyard – on the spot – when you get here (be sure to bring 100 points of ID with you).
  7. Student Central: If you’d like to talk to someone about your degree, Unit selection, options, changes etc, drop into Dixson Library and book an appointment with one of the team at Student Central.
  8. Parking: Make sure you park in the purple visitor parking bays prices are $8/day or $15/Week (probably the cheapest option). Don’t run the gauntlet, the fines are significant!
  9. Mobile Phones: Coverage is pretty good all over campus and there’s a great UNE mobile app to help you find your way around – mUNE (Download for Android here or Download for iOS here).
  10. Food & Drinks: You have three options – Campus Essentials (which includes the newsagent and Australia post); Cafe Life in the northern courtyard and Booloominbah.
  11. Flexi-teller: There’s a Commonwealth ATM located near Campus Essentials (click here for the map).
  12. UNE Medical Centre: If you need to see a Doctor during your stay,you can book online here.
  13. Getting from the train/plane to the Uni: Your best option is a taxi (02 6771 1455). There’s bound to be other students on your flight/train so please ask around and share the costs. If you are flying, the flight attendants will usually ask if you need a taxi in-flight (flying taxis, who would have thought?), so you can organise a group booking then.

We’ll post as much info as we can about openings hours, food and coffee availability etc over the on the Insider’s GuideFacebook, and Twitter.

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  1. Craig Munns says:

    Note that Edwards Buses don’t run on Sundays 🙁
    There is a bike hire place (and shop) in central Armidale (Armidale Bicycle Centre -opposite Woolies – also closed Sundays – but I think you can organise to drop it ff somewhere if leaving Sunday – best to check)
    Don’t bother organising a cab from the flight. The taxis don’t honour bookings, and will simply take the next in line. There will be plenty of cabs – just chill.


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