All students: it’s not all doom and gloom; what to do if you need to withdraw after census date

Published On April 6, 2018 | By Luke | Resources

As you are probably aware, census date (26 March), which is the last day to withdraw without having to pay for the unit, has already passed. 

There are a number of important things you should know, however: 

  1. If you have to withdraw from a trimester unit (or units) for circumstances that are both unforeseen and outside of your control, you can apply for a remission of fees. if you are successful, you will not have to pay for the unit that you have withdrawn from.   You can find information on how to apply for a remission, and the online application form itself, at
  2. If you need to apply for a remission, you can get help with your application from Tom ( or Sarah ( at Uni4Me. It’s a really good idea to get in touch for advice before you start. 
  3. You have a year from the date you withdraw from the unit to submit your application, so make sure you sort out all the important stuff first and get back to it when you are ready! 
  4. If you withdraw from your trimester 1 unit before 7 May 2018, you will not fail it. It will not affect your GPA either. The worst that can happen at this stage is that you incur the fee. 
  5. 26 march is the census date for trimester 1 only. Census date for trimester 2 units is 30 July. Census date for trimester 3 units is 26 November.
  6. Don’t panic! If you need help, drop us a line at or call 02 6773 4430

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4 Responses to All students: it’s not all doom and gloom; what to do if you need to withdraw after census date

  1. Warren Rodwell-Scott says:

    Brilliant stuff !!!!
    Although it isn’t necessary for me at the moment, this is excellent UNE Student Support

    • Joanne Thomas says:

      Thanks for this information. Really great to know and that there are people there to assist if needed.

  2. Christie Godsweet says:

    Hi Team, you ammaaaaazing Student Support Team!!!!
    I have said it 1000 times before but I am compelled to voice it again; so here I go: you folks are absolutely awesome in every way!!! Your student support, advocacy attitude and care is just unbelievable and soooo very much appreciated!! By far the best University I have ever attended in every way!! I truly feel so very grateful and fortunate to be able to attend UNE as a student!!! UNE will be my alma mater forever!!!
    Many, many thanks yet again, with eternal gratitude!!

  3. Vicki says:

    What a shame I never knew this when I began my degree. So many thousands of $$ wasted.

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