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Published On February 26, 2018 | By Luke | Resources

Welcome to your weekly study guide for Trimester 1, 2018. We hope to give you some tips and tricks each week to help you get into a good study routine as soon as possible as well as keeping you informed of important dates and deadlines that you will need to know about.

Lectures don’t start until next week, so now is a great time to get a head start on your readings via eReserve and have a good look through your unit outline on Moodle. If you still haven’t mastered Moodle, have a look at the Learning Online at UNE.

You can also check the library website for information on what assistance it can provide you as a student, wherever you happen to be studying.

If you haven’t already ordered your textbooks, make sure you do this as soon as possible. You can find new and Secondhand textbooks at the United campus Bookshop. We’ve put together a video on textbooks to walk you through the steps.

You should make a point of getting in touch with your first year advisor, they can really help prepare you for the transition into university study. You can find out who your First Year advisor is by visiting:

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Student, get in touch with the Oorala Aboriginal Centre, especially if you are looking for a tutor to help you get going.

If you have special needs, or a health condition or disability, you can register for an Action Plan with the Special Needs Office.

Finally, f you want all this information in the form of a, quite snazzy, poster, you can download it from

Don’t forget that you can connect with us at the Student Support team via email, Facebook, Twitter and via our blog The Insiders’ Guide. We are here to help, and if we don’t know the answer to your question, we will know who does.

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