The Student Support Team’s Weekly Study Guide – Week 13 – get study tips and tricks

Published On January 15, 2018 | By Luke | Resources

Welcome to week 13. The last week of lectures! You made it.

There’s only one word on everybody’s lips around this time, and that is exams.

If you have trouble coping with exams you should talk to the Counselling service and the Academic Skills Office ASAP. As you can imagine, the counselling service is really popular around this time. So, if you can’t get an appointment with counselling, you can ask to be on a cancellation list. This means that, if a student cancels, and you are next on the list, and can make that time slot, you are in!

There’s also a really good Academic Skills workshop video, recorded last year, that you might find helpful, here.

If you would like a copy of the Weekly Study Guide, you can download it here

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