All students: a new version of MyUNE is here; check it out now

Published On December 5, 2017 | By Luke | News

MyUNE is in the process of getting a revamp. The first stage (or Milestone One as we like to call it in the business) is now live (as we also say in the business). 

This is the first of a few upgrades coming, and it includes mostly aesthetic changes, but if something isn’t quite working for you, give IT Support a call on 5000 (on campus), or 1800 763 040 (off campus – toll free) for assistance.

We will let you know when further Milestones are rolled out.


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36 Responses to All students: a new version of MyUNE is here; check it out now

  1. Tristan D'Aloia says:

    I think you should still have a webmail tab on the home page.

  2. Matthew Mulhall says:

    How to I get to my emails?

  3. Felicty says:

    Me too, cant find the email tab?

  4. Felicty says:

    Just found it. Go to your moodle, then top right hand page your name and icon, drop the box and email link is there..

  5. Vicki O'Dea says:

    I still cant find email tab.

  6. Lovisa Bray says:

    I can’t find my email.

  7. Stephen Fairweather says:

    The only logical conclusion is that they are deliberately trying to keep us from accessing our e-mail.

    • Luke says:

      Hi Stephen:

      I hope not, I spend a lot of time sending out emails, I would be disappointed if people didn’t get to see them! 🙂

      You can access your emails directly at

      • Brooke says:

        I can’t find the email tab either. I can access it directly through the link provided, just wondering if this is going to be fixed?

  8. Mark Pashley-Partridge says:

    Access to email needs to be on the Moodle home page and not via a link. Moodle is meant to be user friendly.

    • Lovisa Bray says:

      Very true Mark. I took this trimester off which means there are no subjects in my Moodle page and hence no link to my email.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. They are so stupid for rolling this out without testing or thinking of user journey. Most of the website fails this. ”User Experience (UX)”. Look it up UNE or at least hire someone like myself who knows how to implement and manage a Content Management System.

  9. Sarah says:

    Where are my emails?

  10. Shirley says:

    I agree, need to have a link to email on homepage, it is used often and much time is wasted looking for it.

  11. Big Jez says:

    great news for those of us who in the last user experience survey suggested they make it somewhat harder to access our webmail.

    now if they’ll only implement my other suggestion – we do away with eduroam wifi access and then when people ask wtf is going on, we swing a 56k modem on the end of a phone line at them as if that too was the obvious solution.

    • Isabel says:

      I love you Big Jez! Well, that is I love your comment. Funny how everyone who has left a comment has the same concern, which is also why I’m here – where’s the webmail link? Please put it back, ’cause otherwise I reckon the changes are great.

  12. Matthew says:

    Needs to be formatted to function on mobile devices.
    Currently when you open on an IPhone the MyUNE home page is bigger than the screen with no way to scroll horizontally – not much use when the moodle icon is off screen.
    As an online student it sucks……..PLEASE I.T. – SORT IT OUT.

  13. Sue says:

    Please bring back the email tab

  14. Gloria says:

    I can’t access moodle now through my phone when on the web page???? Am I missing something?

  15. Angus says:

    You removed the email from the front page – a nice, obvious place where it was easily accessible at all times, at the front and centre of the user experience and utility. Now we have to dig through different tabs and submenus to get to something that really should be a single click. Moreover, the new location is not intuitive.


    Some preemptive points:
    + I don’t want to hear any nonsense about “You can access it through this link:” this is dismissive, and completely misses the point – you made a poor design choice. Acknowledge it, fix it, and learn from it. We shouldn’t have to badger your IT support in order to retain basic functionality.
    + I don’t want to hear any nonsense about “You called us idiots”. Look, we’re all flawed humans, but this poor design choice would have been the collectively deliberate decision of several people over an extended period of time – there is no out here, you done goofed. Acknowledge it, fix it, and learn from it.
    + “It’s just email, not a big deal”. Except that accessing email is one of the primary points of contact between students and UNE – it is a big deal.

    I trust you will put your best people onto this pronto.

    • Luke says:

      Hi Angus

      Thanks for your constructive criticism.

      I acknowledge your frustration, and i get where it is coming from, and believe me, we are 100 per cent on your side with this. The webmail was supposed to be there and we pushing to have it fixed as soon as humanly possible.

      We do have people working on it, and have done so since yesterday, pretty much all I did was answer comments and liaise with IT trying to get this fixed. They aren’t particularly enamoured with me either! 🙂

      I suppose you could say it was a conscious decision to drop the webmail link, the same way forgetting your brolly on a rainy day is a conscious decision, that is, you didn’t consciously decide not to bring your brolly, but somewhere, deep in your psyche, you wanted to get wet … but I’ll leave that to our psychology students.

      There is a direct link but this is just a temporary fix and this is only until such time as the webmail link is restored to its rightful place.

      I really want it back too, as I am also a student and really love having my webmail handy, I really don’t like it when fellow students aren’t getting the best experience possible, and I would like to do something other than cut and paste the alternative link into the comments section today. :- (

      I will definitely make a blog post as soon as I know anything.

      • Angus says:

        Thanks Luke!

        Your fulsome response is much appreciated. I’m glad to see the webmail is back where it should be today; as much a “first world problem” as it is, the revision is valued and helpful.

        You’re doing great.


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