T2 EXAMS: SETS, Special Exams & Special Consideration; What it means and how to apply

Published On September 22, 2017 | By ED | Deadlines

At this time of the Trimester we always have a bunch of questions about how Specials, SETS etc work, so here goes:

  • Special Consideration means that your circumstances can be taken into account when your examination is marked. This is worth a maximum of three (3) per cent of your final grade for the unit.
  • Special Examination is a deferred exam or a chance to re-sit the exam, usually in the following exam period.
  • Special Extension of Time is where you have not been able to complete your assignments or other assessment items (other than formal exams) on time due to illness or other circumstances beyond your control, you may be eligible for an extension.

The Counselling Staff have also prepared a great fact sheet to help – click here to download (pdf).

Source: Ed, Student Support Team (UNE)

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One Response to T2 EXAMS: SETS, Special Exams & Special Consideration; What it means and how to apply

  1. Caroline McPherson says:

    I have my exams this coming Thursday and the following Thursday. I can`t do anything about the exam next Thursday but am wanting to apply for a special exam for the one on the following Thursday. Any supporting documents would already be in from previous exams. Over the last month or so the symptoms of the condition that I was diagnosed with (CIPD) have worsened to the point where breathing has become an issue and most days hands seem to have a ` neurological disconnect` from the rest of my body, they won`t hold, grip, pick up anything and my left hand has started twitching constantly. Being confined to a wheelchair this is of major concern I have breathing tests etc, driving assessments, housing assessments social work appointments and counsellors appointments all in the next fortnight. None of I can put off, as everything now needs to be reassessed. The only thing I can `alter` is the second exam on the 5th October. There is no additional paperwork that can be until any of these other things are finalised. Can I still apply for a special exam? With everything else going on I may not even be able to get out of bed, (due to arm strength) on the 5th as it comes right at the end of the whole thing. I want to be able to give 100% to my exam .
    Caroline McPherson

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