This just in: our top tipster’s top tip is tip top; check out all the tips on the T2 top tips page

Published On July 25, 2017 | By Luke | Opportunities and Events, Resources

Your votes are in, and our Top Tip for trimester 2 comes from Ellyse in South Australia:

Still Have Fun!

Uni can be stressful and tiring so make sure you keep doing things that make you happy!  Make time to go to the gym, take your dog for a walk, and see your friends.  Work hard and enjoy your breaks.  You’ve earned them.

Thank you to all of you that submitted your tips, and to all of you that voted. Top Tips will be back in trimester 3, but, in the meantime, you can check out the Trimester 2 page here. It’s well worth it.

Source: The Student Support Team


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