Got the chops study at Oxford?: Will you be between 18 and 24 on 1 October 2017?: Apply for a Rhodes Scholarship!

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If you are a young person of outstanding intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service, you could be a candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship.

Selection Committees in each Rhodes constituency are made up of senior Rhodes Scholars (Rhodes alumni) and distinguished non-Scholar members of the local community, who represent a diverse range of experience and expertise.

The following eligibility criteria apply to all applicants for the Rhodes Scholarship:

  • Citizenship & residency: You must meet the citizenship/residency requirements of one of the Rhodes constituencies : Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Jamaica & the Commonwealth Caribbean, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Southern Africa (including South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia and Swaziland), SJLP (including Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine), United Arab Emirates, United States, West Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
  • Age: Ordinarily you should be between 18 -24, however, here is some variation on the upper age limit across constituencies depending on the local environment. Please check carefully the specific age requirements for your constituency before applying. Successful candidates will arrive in Oxford the October following the selection process.
  • Education: Rhodes Scholars must have completed a Bachelor’s degree before coming  to Oxford, to a sufficiently high standard to meet both the Rhodes and the Oxford criteria. Please consult the detailed information provided by the constituency to which you are applying at How to apply for a Rhodes Scholarship and the prospectus pages of the University of Oxford. Some constituencies require completion of your undergraduate degree in the year of application for the Scholarship.

Information about Rhodes Scholars selected from around the world can be found in biographies of our recent and current Scholars. Rhodes Scholars come from many different backgrounds and the strength of our community lies in the diversity of the individuals who are part of it.

For more information see the Rhodes website or contact Alicia Zikan

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