APRIL INTENSIVE SCHOOLS: Options if you are unable to attend a Mandatory Intensive; Cyclone/Flooding affected students

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If you’re enrolled in a Unit with a mandatory intensive school in the next two weeks, and are unable to attend due to the current weather issues etc, here’s what to do (FYI here’s the background on UNE’s Natural Disaster Provisions):

  1. Contact your Unit Coordinator to discuss your options. In some cases (at each Coordinators’ discretion) allowances may be made and alternate assessments/attendance requirements allowed (but this is not always possible and is dependent upon the structure of the Unit). 

If alternate arrangements cannot be made after those discussions, withdraw from your Unit and apply for a Remission of Fees. As it is past Census Date (March 13) but prior to Academic Penalty Date (April 24), withdrawing now will not result in a fail grade, but would result in paying for the Unit regardless. Please note that a Remission is not guaranteed and is reliant on the evidence you can provide.

If you need to apply for a Remission, here are the steps to take:

  1. Gather evidence to support your inability to attend (road closures, flooding for example). Evidence could include: Medical Certificate, a current treating health professional report, letter from College Principal, Police Report, NRMA report, Statutory Declaration, letter from employer etc).
  2. Apply for a Remission (under Special Circumstances) and you will find the form here.
  3. Complete the form and upload your documentation. Please note you have 12 months from the date you withdraw to apply for any Remission of Fees.

If you need to discuss your options please contact the Student Support Team via email at studentsupport@une.edu.au or via phone on 02 6773 4430.

Source: Student Support Team


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