Orientation Challenge: starts tomorrow: check out these top tips

Published On February 14, 2017 | By Luke | Opportunities and Events

The on-campus Orientation Challenge goes online with Actionbound officially on Wednesday morning. However, a friend of a friend has told me that it might have already been uploaded, for anyone that wants to get a bit of a sneaky head start … but I can’t confirm, or deny this.

Top Tips

You should take part in the Orientation day Challenge because it will help you to find out things that you need to know and also help you check all the important pre-lecture stuff off your list. You also get the chance to win one of three iPads. So, you know, it’s win-win.

The Challenge is split into four short stages that you can complete in any order:

The first stage asks you to get in touch with the people that will provide you with support throughout your degree. You should probably set aside half an hour to complete this.

The second stage has one task, find your First Year Advisor. Complete this just before or just after …

The third stage. This is based around your compulsory Academic Program. You will find the answers you seek as you go through the program.

The fourth stage will help you get to know the campus and should take about 30 mins.

You have until Friday to complete the challenge and you can submit any time before then. We’ll let you know if you’ve won an iPad next week.

You can download Actionbound here: https://en.actionbound.com/download/

Good luck. Have fun. Get in.

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