Lifesaver Day Treasure Hunt and Orientation Challenge: Get prepared: Download Actionbound now

Published On February 13, 2017 | By Luke | News

Make sure you get yourself set up for the Lifesaver Day Treasure Hunt and the Orientation Challenge on Actionbound. Go to the App Store, Google Play or direct to to download the app today and search for ‘Bounds Nearby’ (you will need to give Actionbound access to your location), or search for each bound by name.

The Lifesaver Day Treasure Hunt will be active from 8:30AM to 5PM on Tuesday. This is a good way to make sure you get to see all that UNE has to offer, and to win great prizes.

We switch on the Orientation Challenge on Tuesday evening, ready for you to get started on Wednesday. This will help you locate your support structures, find your way around campus and make the most of your Academic Programs (your Academic Programs are so important they have their own stage in the challenge). You have until Friday to complete and submit your bounds. Oh yeah, did we mention the prizes?  

There are prizes, lots of prizes.

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