Online orientation: what you need to know: check here to make sure you’ve got it covered

Published On February 2, 2017 | By Luke | Getting Started

If you are a new commencing student, you have probably had a look at the Trimester 1 Orientation information online.

This is a handy checklist for you to see what you need to do to get set for university study.

You’ll notice that the first box an the table refers to all Students in all locations. This is because all students need to complete the Student Success Program in Moodle before they get started, including the compulsory Academic Integrity Module (you won’t be able to submit assignments until you complete this).

If you are an off campus student that doesn’t live near the Parramatta Future Campus, the Tamworth  study centre, or the Taree study centre, it is highly likely that the rest of of the categories will not refer to you. So you haven’t missed anything if you only fall under the one category 🙂

There is no obligation for you to attend any of the centres unless you happen to have a mandatory intensive school there. You are, of course, welcome to drop in if you are in the neighbourhood or you live close by.

You can also check if there is a regional study centre near you.  You can find information on the regional Study Centres here.


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