INTENSIVE SCHOOLS: Free Airport/Railway transfers no longer available; Via Uni4Me

Published On March 27, 2015 | By ED | Intensive Schools

If you’re heading to Armidale for an Intensive School in April you’ll need to budget a few extra $$ to get from the airport and train station to campus (a taxi is normally around $30 and make sure you ask around as there’s bound to be other students to share the cost with).

Here’s the official word:

“Transfers to and from the Airport/Railway Station and the University at Armidale for Intensive Schools will no longer be available. These were fully funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). In 2013 the University decided to not charge off Campus Students any SSAF from 2014 onward. No other alternative source of funding is currently available to provide these transfer services.”

Source: Tom Fisher – Uni4Me

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7 Responses to INTENSIVE SCHOOLS: Free Airport/Railway transfers no longer available; Via Uni4Me

  1. Chloe Hosking says:

    While I understand that many students were paying the SSAF fees without receiving many of the services it provided, it was very useful to me to have access to these services, particularly during my time on campus at Intensive Schools.

    Is there avenue to look into charging students who attend Intensive Schools a one off fee per trimester, that could cover things like transfers, and anything else that we used to have access to, but has been lost due to the abolition of the SSAF?

  2. I, and many other externals would happily pay the SSAF to have services like this and the ‘free’ postage of library books reinstated!! Feeling pretty short changed as a UNE external student lately!

    • Helen says:

      Feeling more than short changed … Talk about no warning I would need to pay for postage. I would have thought the university had an obligation to tell me this had changed before I borrowed books.

  3. Helen says:

    An altErnate funding source would be to ask students who use the service to pay $5-10

  4. Brett Unlap says:

    That understandable. We only pay tens of thousands of dollars to UNE to study, why should they have to provide a mini bus for a few days a year. Greedy Students.

  5. ED says:

    Hi folks, thanks for your feedback and (as always) we’ll pass it on.

    Ed – Student Support Team

    • Kate says:

      Agree with all of the above, would happily continue to pay the SSAF to have services such as the shuttle, BBQs and other events during intensive school as well as library postage . Or to do a user pays /opt in for intensives fee as I imagine the loss of externals $$ would be affecting the on campus students services too, which is not fair to anyone really.

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